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Pre-conference Workshops

Monday, July 18, 10 a.m.-12 a.m., BnF

The Words of Books. A Workshop on Terminology across Language Barriers.

Elisa Marazzi (Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy) and Stefanie Martin (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz, Germany)

This workshop will be mainly conducted in English.

SHARP members know how much language and translation have come into the spotlight over the past few conferences. Internationalisation represents a major challenge for the society, just as language issues influence the research of its members – not only in terms of the circulation and reception of texts, but also during the research process itself. Who has never come across a thorny translation problem? SHARP scholars study authorship, but not everyone will know that the terms ‘copyright’ and ‘droit d’auteur’ are not direct equivalents. And what about the Italian ‘frontespizio’? It means title page, but even professional translators confuse it with its ‘false friends’ frontispiece (Engl.)/frontispice (French)/frontispício (Spanish). Latin is at the origin of this misunderstanding, just as it underpins the terminology of bibliography, essential for the study of ancient books and Renaissance printing.

Participants will have the opportunity to work together with experts on book history terminology in the official languages of the conference: English and French. Both the Early Modern and Late Modern periods will be taken into consideration. The workshop will include input from experts as well as exercises for all participants.

The workshop is addressed to all SHARP members, including undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as early career and experienced researchers interested in enhancing their multilingual vocabulary in book history.


Découverte du fonds Q10 de la BnF

Marie Galvez and Jean-Dominique Mellot (BnF, France)

This workshop will be mainly conducted in French.

An exploration of the BnF’s Q10 Archives (publishers’ and booksellers’ catalogs)

The French National Library owns one of the most significant collection of publishers’ and booksellers’ catalogs in Europe. Libraries to have built holdings of such documents are few and far between, mainly because they were fragile, being printed on low quality paper, and considered as mere advertising ephemera. However, these catalogues, dating from the sixteenth century to the present and from all around the world, are precious research resources in understanding the book trade and publishing and reading history. They are vital resources for scholars interested in bibliography, book history, and literary and cultural history. The workshop will draw on concrete examples to illustrate how the French National Library founded the collection at the end of the nineteenth century, and how it continues to grow thanks to concerted efforts to collect, preserve, catalog, and promote this unique collection.