Award for Distinguished Achievement

The SHARP Award for Distinguished Achievement has been presented on special occasions to recognize collaborative work, publications or research tools (electronic or paper) which have contributed materially to the field of book history. The award has recognized initiatives which have been developed sometimes with minimal institutional support, yet which have served the study of book history exceptionally well. Research tools considered for the award in the past have included web sites, publications, groups or societies, journals or networks which materially aided future work in the field.  Past ADA winners are listed at right.

We hope to continue to recognize significant contributions to the field of book history in years to come through the President’s Award, the first of which will be presented in 2013. The ADA award seeks to recognize initiatives which have been developed sometimes with minimal institutional support yet which have contributed materially to the field of book history.


To be considered for the Award for Distinguished Achievement, a project must exceed the criteria for the DeLong Book History Prize, which is awarded to a single monograph. Some projects will be in progress and others fully achieved. Examples of projects in progress include periodicals, websites, societies, groups, networks, programs of study. Projects such as a library or a space in a library or a museum devoted to History of the Book are also eligible.

Such projects will have contributed to the future of the field over a significant period of time; this period will vary from one work to another but will normally be more than five years. Examples of fully achieved projects include edited collections, collaborative histories, dictionaries and encyclopedias; such works should not be submitted until all volumes have appeared. Publications are eligible for this award only if they are not eligible for the DeLong Book History Prize.


All SHARP members are eligible to nominate a recipient for the award and are encouraged to do so. Please send your nomination in a letter or e-mail to the subgroup of directors below. Please also say why you think your nomination should receive the award by considering the following criteria:

  • Contribution to research in book history;
  • Contribution to education in book history;
  • How it has helped, supported, even inspired SHARP members.

The Process

A subgroup of the Board of Directors will receive nominations from members, seek specialist opinions on the nominations, and come to a decision. Inquiries should be sent to SHARP’s Publications Director.

Past ADA Winners

2004 – Bibles imprimées du XVe au XVIIIe siècle conservése à Paris, eds. Martine Delaveau et Denise Hillard.  A catalogue of the early modern printed Bibles that survive in the main Parisian libraries.

2006 (a) – The Archive of Publishers’ Records at University of Reading (England) Library.

2006 (b) – Waterloo Directory of English Newspapers and Periodicals, 1800-1900. Now published in searchable electronic form, it continues to support research in the new generation of electronic editions of the Victorian periodicals it has indexed.