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Syllabi and Bibliographies

The following syllabi and bibliographies are offered here as suggested approaches to graduate and undergraduate coursework.

The Tanselle Syllabi
G. Thomas Tanselle. Rare Book School. University of Virginia. Introduction to Bibliography and Introduction to Scholarly Editing. Syllabi can be downloaded from the site.

History of the Book, 1450 to the Present
Joel Silver. Indiana University

Topics in the History of Books and Printing, 1400-1800
Ryan and Traister. University of Pennsylvania

History of Books and Printing, 1800-1950
Daniel Traister. University of Pennsylvania. Undergraduate syllabus

History of the Book
Jonathan Rose. Drew University

History of the Book in France, from the Ancien Regime to the Present
Willa Silverman. Penn State University (in French)

Sources for Teaching Bibliography
Drawn from SHARP-L suggestions

Survey of Publishing, Text to Hypertext
James C. Morrison. Harvard University

Technology of the Book 
D. F. Felluga. Purdue University

Technologies of the Word
Robert M. Fowler. Baldwin-Wallace College

The Culture of the Book
Nancy Mace. U.S. Naval Academy

Medieval Orality & Literacy
Gadi Algazi, Tel Aviv

Knowledge, Literacy, and the Politics of Information in Early Modern England
Sabrina Baron. University of Maryland

Street Ballads
Michael Hancher. University of Minnesota

Victorian Studies: Illustrated Periodicals
Michael Hancher. University of Minnesota

American Literary Circles: The Atlantic Monthly Circle
Sherry J. Linkon. Youngstown State University

American Literary Genres: The Bestseller
Sherry J. Linkon. Youngstown State University

Popular Fictions: Bestsellers from the Greeks to Grisham
Ryan and Traister. University of Pennsylvania

Bestsellers in America, 1790 to the Present
Paul Gutjahr. Indiana University

Print, Literacy: Power in America to 1900
Mary Kay Duggan. University of California-Berkeley

The Profession of Authorship in 19th-Century America
Sherry J. Linkon. Youngstown State University

Lectures and Multimedia Resources

The Atlas of Early Printing
University of Iowa Libraries

Image Matching on Printed Images in Bodleian Collections.
Podcast. Description and links here. Dr. Giles Bergel, University of Oxford

Technology of the Book
D. F. Felluga. Purdue University

Other Teaching Resources

Book History Timetable

Concise History of the British Newspaper
British Library

Graphics Atlas
Image Permanence Institute. Online print identification tools

InScribe: Paleography Learning Materials
University of London, School of Advanced Study/Institute of Historical Research. Free Course

The King’s Printer Project
Politics, Power and the Printed Word in the Reign of James I

Making Books, Shaping Readers
University College, Cork

Manuscripts, Books, and Maps: The Printing Press in a Changing World
Jones and Mukerji, UCSD

The World of the Renaissance Print Shop
Merry Wiesner-Hanks, U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee