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Walker, Rachel Elizabeth, University of Maryland, College Park


wasmoen, nikolaus, University of Rochester


Watson, Amanda, New York University
Weber, Millicent, Monash University
Weedon, Alexis, University of Bedfordshire
Weedon, Alexis, <p>University of Bedfordshire</p><p>* N.b. Author has already been accepted as part of panel with Simon Frost and Claire Squires.</p>
White, Micheline, <p>Associate Professor, College of the Humanities and the Department of English, Carleton University</p>
White, Micheline, <span>Associate Professor, </span><span>College of the Humanities and the Department of English, </span><span>Carleton University</span> (Canada)
Whittaker, Lynn Page, University of Georgia
Wiles, Ellen, University of Stirling
Williams, Calista, Open University
Williams, Kristin Holly, <span id="docs-internal-guid-aae9e75d-027a-892b-154b-4808918cb454"><p dir="ltr">Wellesley College</p></span>

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