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Raff, Daniel, Wharton School and NBER
Rak, Julie, University of Alberta
Rauch, Alan, UNC Charlotte
Reed, Jordan, PhD Candidate and Caspersen School Fellow, History & Culture, Drew University
Rehberg Sedo, DeNel D, Mount Saint Vincent University
Restrepo-Gautier, Pablo, University of Victoria
Ricculli, Anne, Drew University
Rideout, Samantha
Ridley, Michael, University of Guelph
Ridolfo, Elizabeth, Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto Libraries. Both Elizabeth and Robin are members of the education and Training Working Group of the Canadian Linked Data Initiative.
Roberson, Jessica, University of California, Riverside
Rollack, Yonina
Rose, Jonathan, Drew University
Ross, Travis E, University of Utah
Rowberry, Simon, University of Stirling

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