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An Appleton Archive

Kristen Doyle Highland’s article “In the Bookstore: The Houses of Appleton and Book Cultures in Antebellum New York City” combines archival scholarship with cutting-edge DH methods and a deep knowledge of New York City history. Dr. Highland’s article won the Graduate Essay Prize for the 2016 issue of BOOK HISTORY. She is a graduate of New York University and currently teaches Humanities in a Manhattan high school. She can be contacted at

“Between Quandary and Squander”: A List of Added Online Content

Graziano Krätli’s article “Between Quandary and Squander: A Brief and Biased Inquiry into the Preservation of West African Arabic Manuscripts” provides a critical overview of major initiatives undertaken to identify, describe, and preserve Arabic manuscripts in West Africa. He is a librarian at Yale University and a scholar of the the material, technological, economic, and cultural aspects of book production, circulation, and preservation in the non-Western world. He can be contacted at