Call for Applicants

SHARP News is the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing’s quarterly digital newsletter. This publication includes features essays, book reviews, calls for papers, conference announcements, a listing of new publications, notes and queries, and reports on book studies throughout the world. In a revision to the previous regional editors structure, SHARP News welcomes applications for three to four new positions: Associate Reviews editors (two) and Editors at Large (one to two) who will contribute to the book, exhibit, and other relevant media reviews section of the newsletter. The Associate Editors and Editors at Large will report to the SHARP News editor and the SHARP News reviews editor.  Currently, we envision Editors at Large to work largely sharing and soliciting news on social media, while associate editors will participate more directly in the reviewing process (see below).  However, since these positions are new developments, the SHARP News team is open to a variety of approaches and welcomes applications that propose these and other roles.  The scope of these roles will include:

  • Curating relevant content for review and recruiting reviewers, based on a thematic or chronological focus of the editors’ choosing.
  • Overseeing the publication/reviewer pairing through the submission of the review.
  • Collaborating with the SHARP News editor and SHARP publications on social media, digital outreach, and other communication history/publishing studies initiatives.

To apply, please email a one-page application letter including contact information for two references by June 1, 2020. We especially encourage applications from early career researchers (including graduate students), and particularly from BIPOC and women and gender minorities.