SHARP in Focus

SHARP would like to invite you all to #SHARPinFocus, a week of virtual events running June 15 through June 19. #SHARPinFocus is open to anyone interested in book studies. However, membership dues allow SHARP to continue to offer conferences, events, awards, and fellowships. Please consider joining at

SCHEDULE (status quo: June 2, 2020)


  • Decolonizing Book History (5pm Central Europe /11am Eastern /8am Pacific)
    Join Melanie Ramdarshan Bold, SHARP’s Director of Awards, as she chairs a roundtable discussion on the concepts, challenges, and strategies of decolonising book history. Panelists Marina Garone Gravier (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), Priya Joshi (Temple University), Jean Lee Cole (Loyola University Maryland), Kinohi Nishikawa (Princeton University), and Andrea Reyes Elizondo (Leiden University) will explore issues of colonisation/decolonisation, indigenisation, race politics, social justice and equity with regard to, for example, the types and modes of research undertaken in Book History, teaching practices, and the collection, archiving and curation of knowledge in databases and catalogues.
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  • SHARP Coffeehouse: Reimagining SHARP News (10pm Central Europe / 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific)
    Join us as we discuss the new look of SHARP News and think about what role the new version of SHARP News can play for SHARP members and the scholarly community. With SHARP News editor-in-chief Andie Silva, SHARP News head reviews editor Nora Slonimsky, and hosted by Director of Publications, Corinna Norrick-Rühl.
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  • SHARP Coffeehouse on the future of academic conferences (5-6pm Central Europe / 11am-12pm Eastern / 8-9am Pacific).
    Join SHARP’s Director of Conferences Josée Vincent and Vice President Will Slauter for a brainstorming session on various aspects of the conference experience. Topics for discussion include: what is distinctive about SHARP conferences? How can we make our conferences more inclusive and more environmentally sustainable? What digital formats seem most promising?
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  • Bring Your Own Book (BYOB) Launch Party, hosted by Director of Publications Corinna Norrick-Rühl (7:30-8:30pm Central European / 1:30-2:30pm Eastern / 10:30am-11:30pm Pacific)
    In succinct, 1-2 minute launch slots, we would like to showcase publications from our field of research that have been published since the last SHARP conference, i.e. between August 2019 and June 2020. If you would like to launch your book virtually, please register via email for directions with by June 12, 2020. For longer-term visibility, all of the books will also be listed on SHARP News on the “New publications by members” page.
    Please note that we will be happy to repeat this event if members wish, so don’t worry if you miss the cut-off or can’t make it this time.
    If you would like to join the launch as an audience member, please register via for details.


  • Teaching Material Texts without the Material (9-10pm Central European / 3-4pm Eastern / 12-1pm Pacific)
    Join Sarah Werner, SHARP EC Member-at-Large, as she hosts a conversation about how to teach material book history when we can’t access those materials in person. A brief discussion with panelists Megan Peiser, Emily Spunaugle, and Matthew Kirschenbaum will be followed by break-out conversations about teaching strategies for when classes meet online. Peiser (Asst Prof of English, Oakland University) and Spunaugle (Rare Books Librarian, Oakland U) were co-teaching a book history course that drew extensively on their rare books collection when in-person teaching was suspended; Kirschenbaum (Prof of English, U Maryland) was teaching a graduate course on “how to do things with books” in their BookLab, of which he is co-director. The speakers will draw on their experiences in adjusting hands-on processes to online learning in order to help participants brainstorm their own potential pedagogical practices.
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  • SHARP coffeehouse on diversity, equity and inclusion. (5-6pm Central European / 11am-12pm Eastern / 8-9am Pacific)
    Join Marija Dalbello, Chair of SHARP’s Board of Directors, Jan Hillgaertner, Director of Transnational Affairs, and Melanie Ramdarshan Bold, Director of Awards, for an informal discussion about how academic societies, and SHARP in particular, can better promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. We welcome your comments and suggestions!
  • SHARP Annual General Meeting and Awards (9-10pm Central European / 3-4pm Eastern / 12-1pm Pacific)
    Join the SHARP Executive Committee and members for brief updates on the state of our organization and for announcements by the Publications Committee of the awards for best book and best article in Book History. The live conversation will be followed by break-out rooms for discussion about what SHARP can do for you.
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  • SHARP Coffeehouse on membership benefits and initiatives (6-7pm Central European / 12-1pm Eastern / 9-10am Pacific)
    Come meet SHARP EC’s Membership Secretary Lisa Maruca and Member-at-Large (Pedagogy) Sarah Werner to discuss how SHARP can best serve its members. What can we do for you? How can you get more involved? Interested in our liaison system to connect with other organizations? Want to share your thoughts about the organization or our field with the Executive Council? This open discussion will help us brainstorm membership services and outreach—we’re eager to hear from you!
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  • SharpFriday: informal happy hour on Zoom, hosted by Marie Léger-St-Jean and Alisa Beer (8-9pm Central European / 2-3pm Eastern / 11am-12pm Pacific)
    Email to register or DM @Marie_LSJ or @alisakbee on Twitter