The SHARP New Scholars bursaries are part of a three-year scholarship programme (2016–18) that SHARP is funding through the following institutions: Rare Book School at the University of Virginia, California Rare Book School, the Digital Humanities Summer School at the University of Victoria, the London Rare Book School, the Institut d’Histoire du Livre in Lyon, the Australasian Rare Book School, and the Texas A&M University’s Book History Workshop. These scholarships form a crucial part of SHARP’s outreach programme, reflecting our international and pedagogic goals in the field of book history.

Each institution is offering one New Scholar Bursary each year for 2016, 2017, 2018. The bursary covers tuition plus a contribution towards travel and accommodation. (The exact amount varies from institution to institution based on their course fees.)

Applicants should apply for these scholarships through the relevant host institution, and will be selected by the host institution. SHARP will have the final approval for any award.

Awards should only be given to graduate students, post-docs, junior faculty, adjunct professors, and those within 5 years of their last awarded degree in any discipline. Preference will be given to applicants applying from countries outside that of the host institution. Applicants must be members of SHARP at the time of their application.

Successful applicants will be announced via SHARP-L, the SHARP website and social media platforms, and also in SHARP News. Successful applicants will be expected to provide a report for SHARP News within six months of taking the course.

New Scholars Bursaries 2016–18

  • 2018 Sophie Yvert-Hamon (Institut d’Histoire du Livre)
  • 2017 Vaibhav Singh (RBS)
  • 2017 Adria Castellucci (Australasian RBS)
  • 2017 Liam Borgstrom (Texas A&M)
  • 2017 Julia King (Institut d’Histoire du Livre)
  • 2017 Kelsey Champagne (London RBS)
  • 2017 Marjorie Harrington (DHSI)
  • 2017 Helen Bones (DHSI)
  • 2016 Kristine Smitka (DHSI)
  • 2016 Julian Neuhauser (London RBS)
  • 2016 Katharine Addis (Texas A&M)
  • 2016 Stuart Barnard (RBS)
  • 2016 Annika Hass (Institut d’Histoire du Livre)

Previous Scholarships

Rare Book School

  • 2011-12: Gabriel Fuchs and Katarzyna Plaszczynska
  • 2012-13: Emily Monty, Jonathan Olson, Jessica Rogers and Jonathan Thayer
  • 2013-14: Patrick Crowley, Robb Haberman, Jillian Linster, Nikolaus Wasmoen
  • 2014-15: Simon Rowberry, Lauren Williams, Anne Harding, and Alexandra Kordoski

Digital Humanities Summer Institute

  • 2013: Per Henningsgaard, Padmini Ray Murray, Emily Lethbridge, Karyn Huenemann, Christopher Ohge
  • 2014: Casey Brienza, Molly Hardy, Lise Jaillant
  • 2015: Andie Silva, Heather VanMouwerik, Claire Battershill, Karla Nielsen, Siobhan McElduff, Ashley Kramer, Aaron Mauro, Padmini Ray Murray, Richard Gibson

California Rare Book School

  • 2013: Hannah Alpert-Adams and Madison Bush
  • 2015: Uganda Kwan and Art Seto
  • 2016: Sue Tyson