SHARP Focused Conferences

The SHARP focused conferences are an integral part of the society’s activities. They occupy a stage between the full annual conferences and the smaller SHARP-sponsored activities organised via the office of Transnational Affairs. This stage for focused conferences, however, is extremely broad and can easily accommodate events comparable to the annual conferences as well as more laboratorial events that experiment with conference form and theme.

Perhaps you have imagined holding your own SHARP focused conference? Creating such an event can lead to life-long contacts and unique research insights that would otherwise not exist: and, of course, provide essential requirements for both CV and career. To begin with, you would need to seek approval for your proposal, which requires in the first instance that you contact either the SHARP President [president [at]] or the Director of Transnational Affairs [transnational [at]].

So far, focused conferences have been held in major venues across five (of seven) continents; some numbering well-over 100 delegates and lasting several days. Their international reach and opportunity for multiple, or other-than-English language use encourages transnational approaches but by no means sets transnationalism as a requirement. Rather, the best events are focused around whatever ideas drive the potential organisers’ interests.

SHARP can support a focused conference in many ways, in promotion and dissemination, in endorsing the organisers’ funding applications, or in using SHARP’s extensive networks to solve whatever issues may arise. We even have a dedicated online conference resource package that organisers may use, once the proposal is approved. As SHARP is unable to provide direct funding, finances would need to be sourced either through measures such as delegate registration fees or independently from local and national sources – the sooner the better. This financial independence and responsibility, however, leaves the event more in the hands of the proposer to shape the approved event as they wish.

SHARP is eager to support any suitable proposal from its members, so you are warmly encouraged to put forward your ideas. From the Executive on behalf of the membership, we all hope that you will, and help maintain the vibrant source from where SHARP springs.

Previous SHARP Focused Conferences

2003 Sydney, Australia
2006 Kolkata, India
2007 Venice, Italy
2007 Cape Town, SA
2008 Copenhagen, Denmark
2011 Brisbane, Australia
2012 Nancy, France
2013 Le Mans, France
2013 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2015 Monterrey, Mexico