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Like its parent organization, the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing, SHARP-L is devoted to forging connections among scholars in all disciplines who are working on the history of the printed word in any place or period. Available to anyone with access to the Internet through a university computer system or commercial service gateway, SHARP-L is an electronic forum (or “listserv”) for the exchange of research ideas, information, queries, teaching aids, and conference and journal announcements, as well as discussion of any issues, large or small, that pertain to the scholarly study of the history of print culture.

You do not need to be a member of SHARP to join SHARP-L.

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SHARP-L has an efficient engine for searching the archives of past postings by date, subject, author, and any words in the message. This retrieval system makes available to you over fifteen years’ worth of queries and answers, and represents an invaluable resource for scholars in book history. As a matter of both law and courtesy, anyone wishing to quote from or reproduce a message from this archive should first obtain permission from its author.  First-time users of the archives may be asked to register with a password.


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You can subscribe by simply sending a blank email to this address: sharp-l-subscribe[at] You’ll receive an email inviting you to confirm your subscription. A list of commands including subscribing, unsubscribing, changing to digests, etc., can be found here.

SHARP- L: Privacy and Editorial Policy

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If you have any questions about SHARP-L, please contact the listowners, Ian Gadd and Vincent Trott, at sharp-l-request [at]


Here’s a sample of some of the discussion topics:

  • Query re book festivals history (7/2011)
  • Book history in the cinema (3/2011)
  • Letterpress printing and teaching resources (8/2010)
  • A new term for reading on screens (10/2009)
  • The Law of the Book (4/2003)
  • Google Books (8/2007)
  • Negative cover blurbs (5/2005)