SHARP Regional Liaison Reports [SLR]

In this section you can access annual reports from SHARP’s regional liaisons, dating back to 2012. The data here is freely available to SHARP members for research, educational, professional, but not-for-profit use.  The archive is not comprehensive, and nor are entries standardized, with the format of each report being decided by liaisons as best suits their situation. Some are lengthy while others are very brief. The intention has never been to compile full surveys of book history activity in each region, but instead provide a serendipitous snapshot of what may have passed before the liaison’s gaze. However, as the archive grows, it is hoped that it will become a valuable resource to SHARP members, providing unique data on book history initiatives, projects and publications on a global scale.

All of the reports are organised into folders for each year since 2012. They can be accessed through this link.

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Simon – Director of transnational Affairs.