Suggested Tasks for Liaisons to Affiliate Societies

This list is also available as a downloadable PDF.

The relationship that SHARP will have and foster with various affiliate societies and organizations will vary according to the nature of the particular affiliate. The following list of activities offers merely suggestions for how a SHARP liaison might represent and promote SHARP. For information, please contact liaisons[at]

  • Actively promote SHARP in terms of recruitment through distribution of promotional material and meet-and-greet at SHARP-sponsored panels at affiliate conferences.
  • Organize or delegate an organizer to organize a SHARP panel at the affiliate’s annual conference. Promote panel via SHARP-L and other listervs/outlets.
  • Organize a panel for the annual SHARP conference (alas, affiliate societies do not have a guaranteed spot on the program and must go through the regular submission process).
  • Write brief articles on SHARP panels for SHARP News.
  • Write brief articles on relevant panels at SHARP conference for the affiliate society’s newsletters.
  • Compile list of current research projects being undertaken by SHARP members who are also members of the affiliate organization. This list could be updated annually and would appear on the SHARP website.
  • Compile a list of panels at the affiliate’s annual conference that may interest SHARP members. This list can be sent to SHARP-L and also posted on the SHARP website.
  • Plan a get-together (arrange a tour of a special collection, select a restaurant or café for lunch or drinks) at the affiliate’s annual conference for SHARP members and those interested in learning more about SHARP.
  • Establish and maintain SHARP@ [affiliate society] social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter (needs prior approval)