Table of Contents : Volumes 07-08 (2004-2005)

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Volume 07

  • John A. Buchtel. Book Dedications and the Death of a Patron: The Memorial Engraving in Chapman’s Homer
  • Shlomo Berger. An Invitation to Buy and Read: Paratexts of Yiddish Books in Amsterdam 1650-1800
  • Neil Safier. “…To Collect and Abridge…Without Changing Anything Essential”: Rewriting Incan History at the Parisian Jardin du Roi
  • Thomas S. Kidd. Recovering The French Convert: Views of the French and the Uses of Anti-Catholicism in Early America
  • Cree LeFavour. “Jane Eyre Fever? Deciphering the Astonishing Popular Success of Charlotte Bronté in Antebellum America
  • Barbara Hochman. Uncle Tom in the National Era: An Essay in Generic Norms and the Contexts of Reading
  • Iris Parush, translated by Saadya Sternberg. Another Look at “The Life of ‘Dead’ Hebrew: Intentional Ignorance of Hebrew in Nineteenth-Century Eastern European Jewish Society and Its Effects on Modern Hebrew Literature and Its Readership
  • Lisa Lindell. Bringing Books to a “Book-Hungry Land” Print Culture on the Dakota Plains
  • Willa Z. Silverman. “Books Worthy of Our Era: Octave Uzanne, Technology, and the Luxury Book in fin de siècle France
  • Peter D. McDonald. The Writer, the Critic, and the Censor: J. M. Coetzee and the Question of Literature
  • The State of the Discipline:
    Leah Price. Reading

Volume 08

  • Kay Amert. Intertwining Strengths: Simon de Colines and Robert Estienne
  • Paul Patterson. Reforming Chaucer: Margins and Religion in an Apocryphal Canterbury Tale
  • Roger Chartier, translated by Maurice Elton. Crossing Borders in Early Modern Europe: Sociology of Texts and Literature
  • Richard Gassan. The First American Tourist Guidebooks: Authorship and the Print Culture of the 1820s
  • Jonathan R. Topham. John Limbird, Thomas Byerley, and the Production of Cheap Periodicals in the 1820s
  • Joanne E. Passet. Freethought, Children’s Literature and the Construction of Religious Identity in Late Nineteenth-Century America
  • Patricia May B. Jurilla Florante at Laura and the History of the Filipino Book
  • Valerie Holman. Carefully Concealed Connections: The Ministry of Information and British Publishing, 1939-1946
  • Caroline Davis. The Politics of Postcolonial Publishing: Oxford University Press’s Three Crowns Series 1962-76
  • Joseph Ripp. Middle America Meets Middle-Earth: American Discussion and Readership of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, 1965-1969
  • The State of the Discipline:
    Christine Haynes. Reassessing “Genius” in Studies of Authorship