Table of Contents : Volumes 13-14 (2010-2011)

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Volume 13

  • Charlotte Eubanks. Circumambulatory Reading: Revolving Sutra Libraries and Buddhist Scrolls
  • Spencer D. C. Keralis. Pictures of Charlotte: The Illustrated Charlotte Templeand Her Readers
  • Troy J. Bassett. Living on the Margin: George Bentley and the Economics of the Three-Volume Novel, 1865–1870 58
  • Leslee Thorne-Murphy. Re-Authorship: Authoring, Editing, and Coauthoring the Transatlantic Publications of Charlotte M. Yonge’s Aunt Charlotte’s Stories of Bible History
  • Alison Rukavina. A Victorian Edward Petherick and His Colonial Booksellers’ Agency
  • Joseph S. Meisel. American University Presses, 1929–1979: Adaptation and Evolution
  • Sari Kawana. Reading Beyond the Lines: Young Readers and Wartime Japanese Literature
  • Greg Barnhisel. Cold Warriors of the Book: American Book Programs in the 1950s
  • Richard Fine. American Authorship and the Ghost of Moral Rights
  • The State of the Discipline:
    Leon Jackson. The Talking Book and the Talking Book Historian: African American Cultures of Print

Volume 14

  • Katherine Ellison. Millions of Millions of Distinct Orders: Multimodality in Seventeenth-Century Cryptography Manuals
  • Cynthia S. Hamilton. Spreading the Word: The American Tract Society, The Dairyman’s Daughter, and Mass Publishing
  • Richard K. Popp. Making Advertising Material: Checking Departments, Systematic Reading, and Geographic Order in Nineteenth-Century Advertising
  • Eva Hemmungs Wirtén. A Diplomatic Salto Mortale: Translation Trouble in Berne, 1884-1886
  • Jennifer Burek Pierce. What Young Readers Ought to Know: The Successful Selling of Sexual Health Texts in the Early Twentieth Century
  • Lise Jaillant. Sapper, Hodder & Stoughton, and the Popular Literature of the Great War
  • Marius Hentea. Late Modernist Debuts: Publishing and Professionalizing Young Novelists in 1920s Britain
  • Christina Spittel. A Portable Monument? Leonard Mann’s Flesh in Armourand Australia’s Memory of the First World War
  • Susan Pickford. The Booker Prize and the Prix Goncourt: A Case Study of Award-Winning Novels in Translation
  • Eva Mroczek. Thinking Digitally About the Dead Sea Scrolls: Book History Before and Beyond the Book
  • The State of the Discipline:
    Andrew T. Kamei-Dyche. The History of Books and Print Culture in Japan