Opportunity to join Book History editorial team as co-editor 

Due to the impending retirement of Beth le Roux, we are seeking a new editor to join the team to take responsibility for scholarship from and about Australasia, Africa, and areas of the world beyond Europe and the Western Hemisphere. Immediately after being chosen, the newly hired editor will start work with Greg Barnhisel, Ph.D. (duq.edu) and Yuri Cowan (Yuri Cowan – NTNU), shadowing Beth  for issue 27.2 (Nov. 2024) before taking full responsibility for their remit.

SHARP in the Classroom Returns!

I see this section as a space of professional generosity, as my experience with others teaching in book history is one of incredible excitement and enthusiasm to share both practical tools and reflective thoughts with others. Our goal, as outgoing editor Rebecca Baumann stated in their welcome letter, is “to provide a space to share materials in a way that is low-effort for you but high-impact for the field.” 

#reader-core: Aesthetics and Algorithmic Capitalism 

Since Jane Austen’s publication of Sense and Sensibility in the 19th century, we’ve moved on from empire waist gowns, empire itself, and of course, industrial capitalism. And with these social, political, and economic changes, modes and practices of readership have also evolved in tandem with our contemporary platformed based economy. Reading itself has been transformed by these structural economic conditions. We are now reading within the landscape of surveillance capitalism, or as Susanna Sacks and Sarah Brouillette have phrased it, reading with, aside, and against algorithms (2023), a dynamic visibly captured via the rise of the reader-aesthetic.