The SHARP 25th Anniversary Research Fellowship

In celebration of a quarter century of SHARP successes, the Board and Executive Council of the Society established an annual research fellowship.  Designed to enhance SHARP’s global scope as an academic society, the fellowship will provide support for research anywhere in the world, whether to visit archives or libraries, to interview authors or publishers, to collaborate on projects that cannot be managed digitally, or to collect oral histories.  The grant will be for up to US$3000 and may be used for travel, accommodation and direct research costs, such as photography.  While it is anticipated that the recipient will most likely be an individual scholar, proposals that share the grant among two or more scholars are also acceptable.

Applications will close on 5 December, 2022 for awards to be used from the middle of the following year (1 July to 30 June). 

The Application Form is available here:

In addition to contact details and a research proposal, applicants will be asked to upload a CV, and ask their referee to email a letter of reference to SHARP’s Director of Awards. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that referees supply their reference before the closing date for applications.

The selection panel is chaired by the Director of Awards (who is a member of the Executive Council) and two representatives from the Board of Directors (to be nominated annually by the Board).  Applicants will be notified of the panel’s decision by the end of the year.

Applicants must be a current member of SHARP at the time of application, and will be expected to provide a report of approximately 1000 words within a month of completing their fellowship.  The report will be published in SHARP News or on the Society’s website.


Criteria for selection include:

  • relevance of the proposed research to the aims of SHARP;
  • overall quality of the proposal;
  • the contribution that the fellowship support will make to the project.

Priority will be given to applications for research at locations that do not offer other research grants, and, all other things being equal, for research outside the OECD, as part of SHARP’s aim of enhancing internationalisation.

Any questions should be addressed to the Director of Awards (